p01_article_gj_portraitA designer and a visionary, Grace Jones of Dwellings on Madison has the uncanny ability to see the potential in ordinary spaces. She is known for her creation of ornate surroundings that evoke the emotions of perusers. Grace feels that a home should paint a picture of the people who are living there. “We all want something different, something worldly. We want our homes to reflect our travel, culture, and ethnicity.”

According to the Argentinian-born designer, one word that inspires her is “passion.” It is her passion combined with her self-proclaimed quiet drama and fierce creativity that draws clients to her. Grace is both fiery and Europe-inspired. Fluent in Spanish and Italian, Grace is exotic in her work, her appearance, and her style. There is nothing neutral or ordinary about Grace Jones.

Grace’s guiding design principle is to produce livable luxury. Her work is a reflection of the best possible combination of high-end finishes, exotic materials, and timeless furnishings. “I love appealing to the little bit of snob that’s in all of us,” Grace chuckles with her signature impish expression. She is playful, funny, and by her own admission, more than a little quirky.

p01_article_gj_room01Well-traveled, Grace brings the wealth of her professional and life experiences to bear on the projects she approaches. “I live in a fascinating world,” says Grace, “and I take all my clients on this seductive journey with me as we discover their own colors, textures, and style.” She works with her clients, always considering their tastes, preferences, and budget.

Grace has a knack for drawing people in; they open up to her and allow her to bring out their genuine, authentic selves. The payoff, Grace insists, is that magical moment when guests come into a client’s home and say, “This is so you!”

p01_article_gj_room02The scope of Grace’s work ranges from ground–up construction and renovation to interior design and may encompass an entire home or a single room. No matter the size of the project, Grace and the Dwellings team root out and focus on the client’s individuality, the qualities that make each client different from everyone else. Delivering Grace’s brand of design services takes talent as well as patience and care.
Showcased within the five rooms of Dwellings on Madison in Cincinnati, Ohio, is a unique collection of stunning furnishings, grandiose chandeliers, captivating artwork and accessories, and soon-to-be treasured gifts — all of which are selected with a discerning eye. And while she loves appealing to our inner snob, Grace is also a full-retail designer, offering magnificent products at a suitable cost.

The collections and works of Dwellings come to be through the collaborative efforts of a dedicated team that Grace describes, laughingly and lovingly, as a creative band of “fractured, broken people whose talent and passion have helped them save each other.” However you describe the Dwellings team, with Grace Jones as the lead, their design results are nothing less than phenomenal.


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