about us

Polly is a visually driven, large format, independently published arts and culture magazine which merges world class photography,
compelling essays, and in depth interviews. Polly provides provocative insight into the worlds of fashion, art, music, literature, and design.
Polly is a platform for the artist’s voice and gives the reader an insider’s view of their artistic method and creative process. Polly focuses
the eyes of art lovers around the world on Cincinnati and showcases our regional artists on a national stage.


The Team:

Deogracias Lerma  |  Editor-in-Chief/Creative Director  |  {email}
Kami Lerma  |  Managing Editor  |  {email}
Matt Steffen  |  Art Director/Digital Director/Music Editor  |  {email}
Homer Liwag  |  Editor-at-Large
Grace Yek  |  Food Editor  |  {email}
Dana Johnson  |  Copy Editor  |  {email}
Jennifer Pierson  |  Editor  |  {email}
Sarah Cochran  |  Photo Production Manager  |  {email}