Sharon Draper - Storyteller

words DANA JOHNSON | photography DEOGRACIAS LERMA | photography assistant SARAH COCHRAN | makeup artist CHRISTINE RICE Within seconds of my entering her warmly decorated and sunlit apartment, Sharon Draper is on the hunt for something she wants to show me. There on a dark end table is the object of her search—a copy of Hamilton: The Revolution, Lin-Manuel[...]

Larry Fong - Magician of Light

words & photography | HOMER LIWAG He is a bit of a mystery—even to some of his closest friends. Maybe that’s how he prefers it. He is honestly more comfortable behind the camera than the other way around. Larry Fong is one of the most sought-after cinematographers in Hollywood. He has shot films with JJ Abrams—yes, that JJ Abrams—(Lost, Star Wars: [...]

Kate Davis

words SHARMAINE MCLAREN | photography DEOGRACIAS LERMA | photography assistant SARAH COCHRAN hair FRANCIS ROBINSON | makeup JENNIFER HOFF SIMPSON | clothing and jewelry ARLENE ARANZAMENDEZ of ATELIER ADORN USA In a voice reminiscent of divas past, playing an upright bass larger than she, Kate Davis lures listeners into a timeless space, where musical ge[...]

Alexander Nash

words OLIVER YORK | photography DEOGRACIAS LERMA The word gentleman is collectively defined as “a cultured man of calm demeanor and strong character who is chivalrous, courteous, and thoughtful in his dealings with others.” The word conjures up images of Cary Grant and the Duke of Windsor and images of times past when ladies wore gloves and men tipped the[...]

Jeff Ruby

words STEPHANIE CREECH | photography DEOGRACIAS LERMA | photography assistant SARAH COCHRAN Jeff Ruby has forever changed Cincinnati’s dining and entertainment industry. His talent for transformation was first apparent when the Jersey boy arrived in town in 1970, took a very tired Holiday Inn cocktail lounge, and turned it into the city’s hot spot. Today,[...]

Jared Bennett

words GRACE YEK, CCC, MS | photography DEOGRACIAS LERMA | photography assistant SARAH COCHRAN The open wood-burning fireplace stands tall, presiding over the kitchen at Metropole restaurant. The fireplace is the diva of the cooking line, ready to reward the deserving cook with exquisite flavors but also keen to test the crew with her temperament. Her dema[...]